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Last Updated: January 31, 2023

Who We Are

The "Portsonic" name can be traced back to 2001 in a San Diego, California warehouse data center located just south of the city in San Ysidro by the USA-Mexican border. Ironically, the "Portsonic" name was a vision but was to never actually become a company by entrepreneur, Mr. Gregory LaPorta who had founded and operated gLNetworks, Inc., a software application service provider from 1999-2003 after he had left QUALCOMM, a Fortune 100 Company in late 1999.

Under gLNetworks, Inc., Mr. LaPorta worked on building that same San Diego, California warehouse data center where the "Portsonic" name was derived while working on platform support with systems like a Visa/Mastercard Payment processing application for eBill, Inc., a partner portal website for M7 Networks (a QUALCOMM/Microsoft company) and the Entransa, Inc. website of the time period. Shortly after the events of September 11, 2001, Mr. LaPorta saw a massive amount of business downturn and opportunity and closed gLNetworks, Inc. in 2003 due to lack of business just as the company was starting to take off with it's data center it had just finished building to support new clientel. The economic downturn that many businesses suffered in the post 9/11 era was drastic.

In 2003, Mr. LaPorta went back to the vision he had with the "Portsonic" name and founded Portsonic Communications, LLC in Kingman, Arizona in 2003. The infrastrtucre of the time period was very frusturating for Mr. LaPorta to try and develop Portsonic Communications, LLC in a rural part of America that was fairly close to a metropolitan city - Las Vegas, Nevada. After much research and development was done for the company, Mr. LaPorta found that Kingman, Arizona would be a good proving ground but lacked the necessary technical infrastructure to support his "Portsonic" vision.

By 2007, Mr. LaPorta had closed Portsonic Communications, LLC in Kingman, Arizona and decided to continue more research on the "Portsonic" vision in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. LaPorta founded Portsonic Communications, LLC in Nevada and begain tooling the company to begin branding the "Portsonic" name. The housing crisis of 2008, along with it's massive economic downturn caused Mr. LaPorta to shelve the "Portsonic" vision once again and shift the company to a local community radio investor for the Las Vegas, Nevada marketplace in 2010.

Through Portsonic Communications, LLC, Mr. LaPorta founded the Las Vegas Public Radio brand. Mr. LaPorta founded Las Vegas Public Radio Inc. in 2010 which would later become KIOF 97.9 FM / Las Vegas Public Radio that you hear on the FM dial when your in the Las Vegas, Nevada valley or on the Internet. To this day, Portsonic Communications, LLC continues to closely monitor the daily operations of the radio station for FCC compliance since it first signed on the air back on February 1, 2016. Ironically, Mr. LaPorta, through the years never derived a salary from Portsonic Communications, LLC and used the company as a holding company for specific contractual obligations that KIOF 97.9 FM maintains in the Las Vegas, Nevada marketplace. Portsonic Communications, LLC, with assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration also helps keep the radio station, a public broadcasting facility, operational due to the radio station receiving frivioulous back to back Radio Community Service Grant (Radio CSG) denials KIOF 97.9 FM / Las Vegas Public Radio had applied for through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Ironically, the radio station no longer applied for Radio CSG funding with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 2020 or 2021.

In 2020, Portsonic Communications, LLC felt the severe economic downturn to the business community with the COVID-19 Pandemic within the United States. Many decisions were made for the "Portsonic" vision which still was never fully implemented based on the 2001 data warehouse vision of the "Portsonic" name. In 2021, Mr. LaPorta re-opened the company in Kingman, Arizona due to how rural America has advanced with it's technical infrastructure. Portsonic Communications, LLC will build a new data center in Kingman, Arizona. The data center will also support an auxiliary station for KIOF 97.9 FM / Las Vegas Public Radio serving the Las Vegas, Nevada community on business continuity.

With Mr. LaPorta's 20+ year business experience, Portsonic Communications, LLC is engaged with International Business Development consulting through President Trump's USA-China Phase One Deal on trade. In addition to International Business Development, Portsonic Communications, LLC offers Data Warehousing services, Portsonic Communications, LLC also does Technology Research and Development as well as Broadcast Analytics (website, audio stream hosting and Radio CSG CPB Denial Tracking for broadcasters through the assistance of the U.S. Small Business Administration).

Regulatory Compliance

Portsonic is a registered trademark of Portsonic Communications, LLC (Nevada) under United States Reg No. 3,500,796.

Portsonic Communications, LLC corporate website and it's contents are a registered shared copyright of Portsonic Communications, LLC (Arizona and Nevada) under United States Reg No. TX0006215690.

Portsonic Communications, LLC (Arizona and Nevada) complies with U.S. Departenet of Labor Employment and Posters are located here for Federal Minimum Wage and Equal Opportnity Employment

Portsonic Communications, LLC is a Nevada for profit company under Nevada Taxpayer ID: 1008770736-001.

Portsonic Communications, LLC (Nevada) business license as authorized by the City of Las Vegas is here.

Portsonic Communications, LLC (Nevada) Employement Posters are locted at Nevada Workers Compensation and NRS 616B.227.

Portsonic Communications, LLC (Nevada) was approved by the United States Department of Defense (Cage: 8NX02) on July 24, 2020 as a federal contractor and is part of the United States Federal Government's System Award Management in the SAM system and can participate as well as receive All Awards issued by the United States Government through various agencies.

Portsonic Communications, LLC (Nevada) is a member of the International Trade Council in Washington, D.C.

Portsonic Communications, LLC is a Arizona for profit company currently being re-established under Arizona State Law for a regional data center and KIOF 97.9 FM / Las Vegas Public Radio auxiliary station operations.

Portsonic Communications, LLC is listed in Dun & Bradstreet:
  • Portsonic Communications, LLC (Nevada) DUNS Number is 962285933.
  • Portsonic Communications, LLC (Arizona) DUNS Number is 118598235.
Portsonic Communications, LLC, both in Nevada and Arizona continue to work with the Federal Government on the switching over to UEI (Unique Entity ID) numbers by April 4, 2022.