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Data Warehousing

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Last Updated: January 31, 2023

What Is Data Warehousing?

Are you tired of placing your data in one of those other "Cloud" companies where you never see where your data is located? Are you tired of the numerous data breaches that occur each year with "Cloud" based companies?

Enter the Portsonic data warehousing solution - local. With our new regional data warehouse under construction, we take the "Cloud" away from your business where your data floats around the world and simplify a secure data access point to your most mission critical data. We keep and make your data accessible directly through our regional data warehouse.

The Portsonic data warehousing solution is restricted to specifically city, county, state and federal government agencies and is not open to the general public or other private businesses. The Portsonic data warehousing solution is made available through various city, county, state and federal contracts to Portsonic Communications, LLC.